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Jim likes to draw stuff and play video games. However, he is not good at either of them. But sometimes he likes to think he is.

Jim | Laurence | some loser

NOw that I’ve gotten this out of my system I’ll probably update my ask blog tomorrow !

I’ve had this sitting around for a bit but BASICALLy if you haven’t seen the neil marshall concepts then you are missing out

Still thinking about what Phoenix’d wear. I dunno.

"For a place in the middle of Japan - there sure are a lot of cowboys here." | "I’ve worked as a prosecutor long enough to not question it."

So not EVERYONE is a cowboy in the cowboy AU …

absolita said: wait so did you start trials and tribulations? :0

I’m „, on the second case of Justice For All still … 

arthurartfarts said: Miles obviously must have died in a way that gave him a Darwin award, and that’s why he’s so embarrassed. i’ll accept nothing else/

Ah yes, that was it! You’re too smart for me Arthur.

I realized that I think up too many AUs, so here’s another. I’ll rant about it under the cut.

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jessoi said: you should do one of edgeworth with something like “I updated the autopsy report”

I waS GOING TO but I feel that everyone’s seen enough of my inability to draw dogs, om g

please take my drawing tablet away from me, i don’t deserve it anymore

Just drawing awkward poses with the ink pen …